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Open Class

Enter your projects, flowers, quilts, food, vegetables & more at the

Yellow Medicine County Fair! 


Preserved Vegetables

Fair Entry/Registration

Exhibit entries have changed to an online system, Fair Entry. The entry blank printed in the premium book is only for your personal use. You will have to go online to register your entries prior to the Open Class check-in on Wednesday July 19th. 


You will be able to register your exhibits online between July 1st and July 17th at 11:59pm. 

After this time you will have to enter items on July 19th at check in. This is not ideal as you will have to wait for us to enter all items and print entry cards for you. 


Fair entry Link:


Please follow the instructions to enter your exhibits:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign In or create account

  3. If it is your first time having an account

    1. Select Begin Registration

    2. Click on “Individual” 

    3. Enter Information, Please enter email (Personal Information is not shared to the public) 

    4. Continue through until you see “Continue to Entries” 

  4. Click “Continue to Entries” 

    1. Select “add another exhibitor” if there are multiple in your family or select “+Add an entry”

    2. This will have you select your division→ class→ lot

    3. You will have to select “+Add an Entry” for each exhibit you enter. 

    4. If there are multiple people, add their entries under their name now. 

  5. When you are done entering all entries for each person select “Continue to Payment”, There are no fees or payments needed, but this step is needed to complete registration. 

  6. Make sure to Agree to the terms and select “Submit” 

  7. For questions on Online registration: There are tip guides available on our website or on facebook or please call/email Gabby at 507-828-6778,


  • There are lots of new changes in the premium book, new classes, and old ones taken out. Please read through carefully so you enter your items in the corect classes.

  • Open Class check in at the fair will be on Tuesday July 18th from 7pm to 9pm & Wednesday July 19th from noon to 4:30pm. Judging will begin at 5pm. on Wednesday.

  • You will bring your exhibits to the fairgrounds, pick up entry tags (already made), and attach them to your projects. Once attached you will bring items over to the Pavillion building to be judged and arranged. Items without a tag will not be judged. If you did not bring an item you registered for please return the tag to the fair board office so we can make adjustments on our end.

Preserved Vegetables

Premium Book

2023 Premium Book coming soon! 

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